Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some new Vintage Items added to website Today.

Ok so i have been busy and very slack over the past few months. Today i have listed a few old wares on the website. Next week i will be listing some new handmade s . I am thinking of going a little creamer with my handmade s. I think it is because i have changed houses and my new house lends itself to a more white creamer palette. I don't want to go really shabby because that is not me. I want to be somewhere between Prim Prairie and sort of shabby if that makes sense.

I will still be finding vintage bits and bobs . I have heaps of them i have had stored in boxes that i need to go through and some will be going on the website.
But let me know what you think about the new handmades when i get around to listing them because i would loooove to hear from you.
Anyhoo until next week. Above are a few of the items listed today..

Kind Regards Tanyaxx

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