Thursday, April 10, 2008

**I'm A Tad Bored With Life At the Moment**

Today i have worked heaps on my crafting i also got a Newsletter out..Woohoo i have nearly caught up for the week..Ready to go again for next week. I am a tad over today and I'm now wishing i had had a nanny nap for a few moments this arvo. It is a public holiday day here for show day and i am home alone. You think i would be happy about that but i am a bit sick of being the only one left at home. With the hubby working away and my 16 year old never home..{ Anyone who has a teenager knows what that is like..}. But i guess i get heaps of work done while they are out.

Anyhoo i had better stop dribbling on about nothing. I just wish i could do something really exciting .I'm not sure what but something...

Anyhoo ..I hope you are all more excited about life than me ..

Hugs Tanxxoo

Checkout My New Annie Plate

I just LOVE this sweet Annie plate i received as a gift...My wonderful friend Debi who made me the pears has now made me this delightful plate. This Annie was my old logo on my website and i still love her heaps.. Thank you Debi you are a true friend and very great artist.

Hugs Tanxxoo