Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Happening In My World!!!

Well here at my home it has been a crazy start to the year. I have had my 17 year old son move out of home for the first time and starting his first real full time job. He will be 18 in 4 weeks. But he still returns to eat and borrow everything. I think he has worked out that home was a pretty good place after all....lol..... and real work is sometimes hard not as easy as when Mum and Dad are paying for everything.

But i have claimed his old room as my new work room ...that's great for me. I'm still trying to find where i packed everything in when i moved it all . This has been an interesting task some days..lol..

Now for my next lot of news.....I have been conned by one of my good friends to work as a Merchandiser 3 days most weeks. It has been quite fun and for those 3 days a week i am on the road from 7am until about 6pm. I have been doing this for about a month and It has turned out to be a great job but it takes away from my time i have to create. So i will be burning the midnight oil here some nights to get items made. I love to be busy and will have no problems keeping up with both. I can still be contacted everyday by you all if you need something or just email and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

I will still be adding new goodies nearly every week and if not every week every second week .

New Goodies have been added to the website. I have heaps of Easter Bunnies and Items to go on next week as well.. So be sure to check them out.

Until next time....Big Hugs Tanxx


Inn Country said...

Hi tanya, so lovely to see you leaving a post so I thought i would just pop over and visit and say Hi. Have a beautiful day Lisa

bubbachenille said...

Have fun working a " real job" or should I say working outside the home (joking ! )I am happy you like it!

Amanda said...

Good luck with the new job. I am sure you will still find time to do the stuff you love. Yeah on the new workroom.