Thursday, April 10, 2008

**I'm A Tad Bored With Life At the Moment**

Today i have worked heaps on my crafting i also got a Newsletter out..Woohoo i have nearly caught up for the week..Ready to go again for next week. I am a tad over today and I'm now wishing i had had a nanny nap for a few moments this arvo. It is a public holiday day here for show day and i am home alone. You think i would be happy about that but i am a bit sick of being the only one left at home. With the hubby working away and my 16 year old never home..{ Anyone who has a teenager knows what that is like..}. But i guess i get heaps of work done while they are out.

Anyhoo i had better stop dribbling on about nothing. I just wish i could do something really exciting .I'm not sure what but something...

Anyhoo ..I hope you are all more excited about life than me ..

Hugs Tanxxoo

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