Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RAIN!!!!! rain!!!!! RAIN!!!!!

It has not rained for so long in my part of the world that sometimes i forget what it's like. For the last two days we have received wonderful amounts of rain. We still need inches and inches more before i can water my garden again but i guess 3 inches is a start. Just thought i would share some pics of my little stream i had in my yard this after noon.

We have very little grass at the moment so the water filled up my front and back yard like a dam.It flooded all of the gutters but filled my tank that we use as the water for our house.
If only we could get rain like alot of other places up her in Queensland because most other parts are flooded . Heres hoping we get more rain like today over the next few weeks and i'll be doing the happy dance!!!!
Hugs and Blessings Tanxxoo

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Robyn Regan said...

Wow that looks lovely....I bet you are excited. People whinge here when it rains...I always tell them that it is really liquid sunshine!!! I hope the drought breaks soon. xxxRobby