Sunday, August 23, 2009

It Is Warm In Queensland

Well the weather has warmed up in Queensland this week. So much for the rest of winter . Today it feels like the middle of November here.

I don't don't mind though. Bring on the hot weather i say..
I LOVE IT ....

Winter and i don't get on too well. It makes me sluggish and i can never seem to get warm.

But my Cat Bubbles does not like the hot weather . I found him sleeping on the old 4x4 today in the shade of a big old tree. He was most annoyed when i took photos of him and woke him

Warm weather might make him feel better. He has been to the vet and stayed over night a few weeks back. Seems he has pneumonia. He like the medicine so that is great.

When warm weather comes i also lovvvve the flowers that come with it. But my nose does not. I have been sneezing now for about a week. Hay Fever is a crazy thing . It is quite dusty here so the tablets i take are not working very well..

Anyhoo i LOOOOOOOOOVE the warm .....

Big Hugs Tanxo

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Free Prim Crow Stitchery!!!!!!

....Feel Free to Save the New Free Stitchery design above....
It will be delightful stitched onto a pillow or in a frame...
Just remember if you plan to stitch it up and sell it please give credit to me at Tanya's Prim Thyme Designs....
Hugs Tanxxoo